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Boris’s bonking bus boss Sir Peter Hendy bedded broke brass

Boris’s bonking bus boss bedded broke brass

A £140-an-hour hooker yesterday claimed Boris Johnson’s transport chief paid
her for sex behind his wife’s back during a nine-month fling.

Rachael Grundy said she had weekly sessions with Sir Peter Hendy, 60, — whose
taxpayer-funded pay and bonus was £660,000 last year.

She said: “He’d take me for dinner then we’d go for sex.”

Rachael, 40, said Sir Peter was secretly bedding her while masterminding the
London Olympics transport strategy that won him his knighthood.

The Transport For London Commissioner, a close colleague of mayor Boris
Johnson, was made a Sir for the plans that kept the capital moving during
the games.

But Rachael said in the run-up to London 2012 Sir Peter was also
energetically exerting himself with her — during weekly sex sessions.

The £140-an-hour call girl said: “He seemed a lovely, considerate, polite man
and he was lots of fun.

“He contacted me through my escort website and booked me for a three-hour
session at my flat. We hit it off immediately. He was soon booking me every
week — he’d come to my flat or I’d go to his.”

Rachael said she regularly stayed the night at Peter’s London flat while his
unsuspecting wife was at their West Country home.

She added: “He’d take me for dinner then we’d go back home for sex and I was
soon staying the night at his place.

“I stopped charging him by the hour and it developed into a proper
relationship — I fell in love with him. He’d give me money but we never
discussed it. It wasn’t about money.

“We cared very deeply for each other although I was always respectful of the
fact he wanted to keep things discreet.”

Rachael said the dad of two — who earned £660,000 in tax-payer funded wages
and bonuses in 2012 — offered to be her financial guarantor so she could
rent a flat.

But she claims on the day she was to move in, Sir Peter pulled out of the
agreement and dumped her — saying wife Sue, 58, had found the guarantor

: Sir Peter Hendy from Bath is knighted by the Princess Royal at Buckingham Palace.

Rachael, who no longer works as an escort, said: “We had spent the night
together and he said he would drop the final documents off at the estate
agent and I would be able to pick up the keys and move in.

“But I didn’t hear from him all day. It got to 5pm and I started to panic
because I knew the estate agents would shut soon and I had nowhere to go.

“Eventually that evening I got a text from him saying that his wife had found
out about me and I was to have no contact with him.

“I couldn’t believe it. He had left me on the streets.

“I texted him back asking him what I was supposed to do. I was stood in the
street in tears.

Train Boris-01.jpg Boris on a new overground train at Wilesden Junction with Peter Hendy. London. UK. 13-07-09 Photographer: Jas Lehal Staff ID: 608977 Thelondonpaper copyright

“But he just told me he was sorry and that I had to keep my distance from him.
He offered no help.

“I felt heartbroken. He had promised he would take care of me and protect me.
I put all my trust in him — I thought he was my knight in shining armour.”

Rachael said that having no home meant she could no longer earn money. She
said: “I couldn’t work as I usually took clients back to my place, so I was
really struggling.

“I moved between hotels and friends’ houses.

“I became so depressed and started suffering anxiety attacks. I honestly felt
suicidal. I was so desperate I struggled to feed myself.”

Rachel said Sir Peter, whose father-in-law is a Baron, first contacted her in
November 2011 through the website

At the time she was staying in a flat in Victoria, central London, where she
both lived and entertained clients.

She said that as their relationship developed, they were able to see each
other regularly without raising suspicion because his flat was not far from

Rachael added: “I didn’t know who he was at the time, he just seemed like a
really lovely guy.

“I knew he was involved with London transport but it didn’t really matter. He
was a nice guy and we had a connection.

“I only realised he was an important public official with a knighthood about
two months ago.

“But looking back it amazes me how indiscreet he was — we’d walk around our
local area holding hands and sharing kisses. Anyone could have seen us.”

Sir Peter Hendy from Bath is knighted by the Princess Royal at Buckingham Palace.

Rachael said she was shocked and hurt by the way Sir Peter cast her aside.

She added: “We were together about nine months and developed feelings for each

“But Peter has not lifted a finger for me, so I don’t feel I owe him any
loyalty any more.

“In June I went round to his place and told him about everything I’d been

“He just said sorry but didn’t offer to help me at all.

“I decided to go public with this because I felt it was unfair that he — who
is so rich and powerful thanks to his public sector job — got away with it
and moved on with his life, and I suffered so much.

“The way he has treated me is morally wrong. He is paid by taxpayers and
occupies a very respected position — he should be setting a better example.”

Peter Hendy, Head of Transport For London with a bendy bus by

Sir Peter, who last year got a tax-payer funded salary of £344,000 and a
£319,000 bonus for his Olympic transport plan, was knighted by Princess Anne
last March.

At the time London Mayor Boris described him as “outstanding.”

He added: “Sir Peter Hendy richly deserves this honour.”

Rachael said Sir Peter would regularly mention Boris. She added: “He was close
to Boris and used to talk about him.

“They spent a lot of time together. I remember him saying that they’d go for
private tours of the Olympic site together.”

Transport For London said yesterday: “Sir Peter Hendy has no comment to make
on his private life.”

The Sun has seen guarantor forms providing Sir Peter’s name, bank details,
£344,000 salary and National Insurance number.

The name of a very senior TfL boss also appears on the form — as a referee for
Sir Peter’s financial details. There is no suggestion of any wrongdoing on
their part.

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