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DPS Kent – Dani’s Pet Services

This so called professional dog walker dps1
has just allowed 3 dogs in her care to rip a poor defenceless fox to pieces!!!!!
DPS Kent – Dani’s Pet Services
While out riding today myself and a friend came upon 3 dogs attacking a fox and not a person in sight we managed to chase the dogs off and pick the fox up and it is now being treated
When she was confronted and told what the dog did she said ” it’s only a fox what do you expect they are hunt dogs” to which I said what if it had been someone’s pet and she said that the dogs could tell the difference and that would not happen if you can believe that she showed no remorse what so ever and thought this was totally ok
Well I don’t think so it’s disgusting behaviour from a so called professional and I wouldn’t want her to walk my dogs

– DPS Kent – Dani’s Pet Services
Phone: 01634 865556
Mobile: 07766 165759

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