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iZettle is an approved solution for the TfL mandate in October 2016!

iZettle is an approved solution for the TfL mandate in October 2016! We will soon be releasing a new bundle, which is TfL approved and tailor-made for cab drivers. Read more below!

The background

Transport for London (TfL) and Mayor Boris Johnson MP announced in November 2015 that new regulations will be imposed upon the licensed cab drivers of London. From October 2016, accepting credit cards will be mandatory. But cabs also need to accept contactless payments from Apple Pay, Google Wallet and others.

This upcoming shift in payment options instantly skyrockets the traditional London black cab industry from 20th century cash payments (still used exclusively by half of London’s 22,500 licensed taxis) to 21st century digital solutions. Suddenly, black cabs will be at the forefront of technology – not many other countries and industries have such a wide-spread use of contactless payments yet.

iZettle = The cab driver’s best friend

According to the TfL regulation, our Card Reader Pro Contactless must be used together with a receipt printer, and both devices must be fixed in the cab. To make this as easy as possible, we’ve partnered with Unique Secure to develop a practical mount for the card reader by the passenger compartment and Star Micronics to bring an affordable option for receipt printing.

The contactless payment bundle

We’ve put together a TfL approved contactless payment bundle, that has been tailor-made for cab drivers.

It includes our latest Card Reader Pro Contactless, as well as a receipt printer and two mounts. If you already have the Card Reader Pro Contactless, you may choose to only buy the mounts and the receipt printer.

You can choose to pay £299 + VAT up front for the whole bundle. But another beautiful thing is that you can pay for the bundle later if you wish, through an increased transaction fee for a fixed period of time.

Please note that our Card Reader Lite will no longer be accepted by TfL come October.

If you’re not already an iZettle user today, you can create a free account in just 5 minutes. We’ll update you when our bundles are available for purchase.

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