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London Taxis Voted Best In The World, Again

For the 3rd year running, a poll has shown what international travellers think about worldwide taxis. The answer is rather clear – 33 % vote London cabs to be the best in the world.


Why are London voted the best city for cabs?

Reason for London being put first is that London cab drivers have an excellent quality of driving and knowledge of the London area.

London black cab drivers are the friendliest in the world, while Dublin cab drivers come second. London taxi drivers are also known for their local skills, having the best knowledge of their city. All you need to say is a street address, and your cabbie will find it.
The only drawback for London black cabs are the price, being the most expensive cabs in the world. You get what you pay for, isn’t it?

Top 10 cities for the best taxi service

So where do you find the best cab drivers? Find the poll below, according to a survey.
Rank      City               Percentage of votes
1.              London         33 %
2.              New York     17 %
3.              Berlin            6 %
4.              Madrid          5 %
5.             Copenhagen   4 %
6.             Stockholm      3 %
7.             Bangkok         3 %
8.             Las Vegas       3 %
9.             Dublin             2 %
10.           Paris               2 %

Driving taxi, what Brits know best?

Americans are excellent at business and being entrepreneurs in general. French knows how to cook and Italians dress the best.

But when it comes to taxi services, Brits are outstanding. In fact, British cab drivers are known to outrank all other nations cab services.

One reason might be the education required for black cab drivers, which is far more comprehensive than any other countries requirements to obtain a taxi licence. For a list of the worst taxi drivers in the world, read more here.

London cabs still await the 2011 years poll of taxi services around the world.

London Taxis Voted Best In The World, Again

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