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New Uber-style app lets you book black cabs on your phone

New Uber-style app lets you book black cabs on your phone

The app features a map, similar to Uber (Picture: cab:app)

As the battle between Uber and black cabs rages on it looks like the cabbies have just found a new ally.

A new app which enables users to hail black cabs and licensed taxis has been launched in the UK and Ireland and there are no secrets that its biggest competitor will be Uber.

Cab:app obviously shares similarities with Uber, allowing users to hail cabs using their phone – as well as featuring an in-app map.

However it also lets passengers pre-book journeys and decide before travelling whether to pay by cash or card and track driver location when they are en-route.

Since launching in the UK, services such as Uber have been criticised as being unfair competition, with black cab drivers in London and around Europe accusing the service of side-stepping some licensing rules.

Cab:app was co-founded by London taxi driver Peter Schive, who said: ‘Cab:app draws on the heritage and expertise of the black cab industry and translates it for the digital world. It connects communities through a business model that is driven by rewards where drivers, passengers and charities all share in its success.’

Uber claim the changes will reduce congestion in London (Picture: Bloomberg/Bloomberg/Getty)
Uber has been accsued of ‘unfair competition’ by black cab drivers (Picture: Bloomberg/Bloomberg/Getty)

‘Cab:miles’ are collected on each journey taken using the service, and these can then be used to pay for future journeys, or their monetary value can be donated to charity. Journey prices are also fixed for travel over eight miles, the firm says.

‘Cabs are integral to the transport infrastructure, connecting the community with road, rail and air,’ added Mr Schive.

‘Cab:app ensures the public can now enjoy the convenience, safety and accessibility associated with the iconic black cab from one national app.Donkey is driven home in the back of a police car after escaping his enclosure

‘Black cabbies offer unparalleled local knowledge and service with the assurance that passengers are getting a fully licensed, vetted and insured cab that can use bus lanes and take the most direct route.’

The app has taxi coverage in more than 90 locations around the UK and Ireland, and can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android-powered smartphones.


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