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The Government has sold the NHS to big business

The lies of successive british governments. Remember how Nigel Farage was falsely accused of wanting to privatise the NHS and was vilified for wanting to make foreigners pay for their treatment? This has probably help sway people’s vote to Cameron because he lied and said he ring fenced billions for the NHS? I just wish that people weren’t not so gullible and inform themselves better. there is lot of info on the net and being ignorant today is not an excuse. Last night I stumbled across a TV program on RT called Sputnik featuring George Galloway. I don’t have time for Galloway because he sold himself to the muslims. But he said he will reveal something about the NHS that has never been revealed before. So I stayed tuned. His guest was Dr Bob Gil an NHS specialist who is fighting to keep the NHS British. HE REVEALED THAT IN ORDER TO IMPLEMENT THE PFI SCHEME BROWN BORROWED FROM THE FINANCIAL MARKETS £11 BILLION AND SADDLED THE BRITISH TAXPAYERS WITH A REPAYMENT OF £80 BILLION. EVEN GALLOWAY WAS GOBSMACKED. DR Bob also revealed that since Blair the NHS bosses have put infrastructures in place so that it would be easier for american companies to just take over our NHS thus depriving us of free health care and expensive treatment. The deal Jeremy hunt imposed on the doctors, yes imposed, is the american way to do things. The reason is to do away with these doctors and hopefully replace them with cheaper doctors from abroad who would be willing to work more for less pay. The big NHS boss is someone called Simon Stevens who worked on the Obama care and various other posts in the states. Now he is working on the total surrender of what remains of the sclerotic NHS to american companies. That’s why This simon Steven is closing as many as A&E depts and cutting beds. It’s a deliberate program to push the hospitals into more debts to a point that the hospitable is no longer viable and it has to close down. Then they sell the valuable land. this is exactly what has happened to our hospital the Whittington. After spending £30 refit they suddenly announced the psychiatric ward was closing, the care for the elecderly was sold off to some indian company, and now they want to sell the land. there is a big opposition in my borough against selling the land. We will have no hospital left in our area. SO BEWARE. YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT IS BEHIND TH SCENE. REMEMBER BLAIR SAID WE HAVE 24 HOURS TO SAVE THE NHS ? HOW HOLLOW DOES THAT SOUND NOW. Blair was preparing in secret to flog the NHS to the Americans. how else could he have paid £30 million cash for the 20 flats he bought outright? Come people the NHS is ours. paid for by our taxes. we can’t afford to lose it after losing everything else. NIGEL WAS RIGHT. THE NHS WAS SAFE IN HIS HANDS. If you can watch the program

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