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Fake licensed taxi rapist John Worboys to be released from prison after 10 years

One of the UK’s most notorious rapists, John Worboys, is to be released from jail after serving the minimum term of his sentence.

Worboys, known as the ‘black cab rapist’, would offer women cheap lifts home after nights out but spiked their drinks before carrying out the assaults.

Worboys obtained his badge by fraud and deception so he could commit his crimes.

Transport for London and present Mayor of London know Worboys was never a legitimate London taxi driver but allow the lies and cover_up to continue.

The offences took place between 2002 and 2008. He was charged of one rape, five sexual assaults, one attempted assault and 12 drugging charges.

The former stripper was first arrested in July 2007 over an attack on a 19-year-old student.

But he was released on bail and went on to commit 14 offences for which he was convicted.

Worboys was jailed for life in 2009 where he was convicted of 19 offences and ordered to serve a minimum sentence of eight years.

In a statement the Parole Board said: “We can confirm that a three member panel of the Parole Board has directed the release of Mr John Worboys, following an oral hearing.

“The arrangements for Mr Worboys’ release will be managed by the Ministry of Justice.”

He will have to report to probation staff every week and is barred from contacting any of his victims.

Worboys would pick up his lone victims in London’s West End and gave them champagne, claiming he had won large amounts of money on the lottery or at casinos.

But these drinks were mixed with sedatives and his victims were unable to prevent him assaulting them.

His cocktails would leave women unable to remember their ordeal and could only recall falling asleep in the cab and waking up at home.

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