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What is a Letter of Good Conduct?

Whilst a DBS check is a check of your criminal record in the UK, this cannot currently assess criminal records held overseas. Consequently if you have lived outside of the UK for more than 6 months in the past 5 years you need to obtain a criminal record check from the country(ies) where you have lived during that period. This is commonly referred to as a Certificate of Good Conduct. You will also need to apply for a DBS check (UK criminal records check) in addition to the Certificate of Good Conduct. The DBS application and the non-UK check can be in process simultaneously.

Applying for a Certificate of Good Conduct

The application process for criminal records checks or Certificates of Good Conduct varies from country to country.

We suggest that you contact either the Foreign Embassy in this country, the British Embassy in the country concerned or the police station local to where you were living at the time for guidance on obtaining this check.

You can find further guidance at:

Warwick Volunteers can provide you with a letter explaining why the check is needed if this is required by the embassy or police authority.

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