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Woman punched in the face by Addison Lee Minicab Driver because she needed to stop on way back to get cash

Woman punched in the face by addison lee minicab driver because she needed to stop on way back to get cash
The 25-year-old woman was left with a black eye

THIS is the shocking photo of a woman who was punched in the face by a minicab driver and left with black eyes because she didn’t have any cash to pay her fare.punchedwoman

Aisha Hoskins, 25, a property manager from Greenwich, London, had been partying with her friends in Fabric nightclub when she ordered an Addison Lee minicab to pick her up outside at 4am in April.

Aisha was given a black eye after the attack
When the minicab pulled up she explained she had no cash on her and would need to stop on the way to pay her fare.

But cabbie James Green demanded the cash upfront and started to push Aisha, who sat in the front passenger seat, out of the seven seater cab before punching her in the face.

She said: “I was in complete shock.

“I’d had a couple of drinks but was pretty sober at that point, I hadn’t been abusive to him, I’d just explained the nearest ATM wasn’t working so could we stop along the way.

“He flew into a rage and started pushing me, then he punched me in the face.
She ordered an Addison Lee Minicab to pick her up outside Fabric at 4am in April
“I’m 5’8” and like to think I can look after myself, but he was bigger and I was in a vulnerable situation.

“People get in Minicabs to ensure they get home safely, they don’t expect their minicab driver to put them in danger.

“It’s outrageous.”

The party goer had got into the Addison Lee Minicab and explained that the nearby machine wasn’t working, before Green started to get irate.

Losing his temper he pushed her out of his car and attempted to shut her leg in the door.

“I wasn’t expecting to be shoved out of his car,” she continued, “Let alone have him be so violent.”
When Aisha sat back in the seat and pleaded with Green he saw red and repeatedly punched her in the face.

She said: “His fist came flying at me and there was nothing I could do.

“Blow by blow he punched me and my face became his punch bag.”

Thankfully bouncers from Fabric and early morning market stall holders rushed to the 25-year-old’s side.

Exterior view of Fabric Nightclub in Smithfields London England UK KATHY DEWITT. Image shot 11/2007. Exact date unknown. ALAMY
Fabric bouncers helped get the minicab driver off her
“I was so grateful to the men that helped me,” she recalls, “they came straight to the car and one of the stall holders drove his fork lift truck in front of the him”

Bouncers called the police and restrained Green.

Police arrested and charged him on the spot with assault by beating.

Aisha said: “The club were fantastic and really supportive.

“One of the bouncers gave evidence against him.

“I’m just glad they were there to stop him.

“He punched me once and I was dazed and then punched me harder.

“It was 4am and I just wanted to get home, my phone had died and it’s usually not a problem to get cash on route.

“I’m only 5’8 and he was about 5’10 and much stronger, he was so aggressive, but I never expected that this to happen.”

Last week, on Tuesday 9th August, Green faced trial at Tottenham Magistrates Court and was found guilty of assault by beating.
He was sentenced to conditional discharge to pay £330 to Aisha and £300 in fees.

“I couldn’t get in another minicab again and will only use black taxi’s from now on.” Aisha admits.

“I’m a strong career woman, but this completely knocked my confidence.

“Thank goodness for the market workers and bouncers – they were witnesses and thankfully saved me from getting hit even more.

“I don’t know what the hell he was playing at.”

Addison Lee contacted Aisha at 9am the following morning apologising.

By midday the elite minicab company had sent flowers and offered an exclusive account as compensation.

She said: “They were quick to apologise and told me that the minicab driver wouldn’t be working for them again, but I’d never use them again, not now.

“From now on it’s Black Cabs all the way.”

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